What’s The Easiest Things To Sell On Ebay

Hey Everybody Vern Moseley, here thanks for your interest in this valuable info. So, let’s get right to it.

Recently, after my FREE master class on How To Build An Ebay Empire. 

I received a lot of questions asking what’s the easiest things to sell on eBay

Well, that’s a good question but that’s also a foolish question because having a top-selling product or easy to sell item does not mean you have the most profit-producing product.

One does not necessarily equal the other. 

If you want to have a successful eBay business than you should definitely know the difference. 


For example;

One of the top selling products on eBay is the new iPhone which is selling right now for a minimum of $1000.

Because iPhones are one of the top selling products all the newbie sellers or the uneducated sellers are going crazy trying to get their hands on the new phone. Thus, that drives up cost.

Demand always skyrockets the price.


So, let’s say you have a supplier who sells you iPhones for $900 per phone so you buy 2 and sell them on eBay for $1000 each.

After you minus the price you paid for the phones you’ll make a whopping $200. And you have yet to minus expenses for shipping and eBay fees.

After that, you have a grand total of about $160 profit.

A lot of people start eBay businesses and fail because they use this type of logic.

They think the most expensive item or the best-selling items is the only thing that they can sell to make the most money. But that’s not true.  


The best method for selling successfully on eBay

is buying low and selling high



Regardless of whether or not if it’s the easiest product to sell or the top-selling item. 

In fact, if done properly this method can actually be the best asset you’ll ever have.

It’ll allow you to create long term success. This method can grow your business for years to come.

This isn’t just about eBay I use this same strategy across multiple online businesses that I own and operate.

So, the question remains what kind of stuff do I sell and what’s the easiest items to sell?


I specialize in selling whatever makes money.

What’s Walmart niche?

What does Amazon sell? Do they limit sells to only one thing?

Of course not, Jeff Bezo’s isn’t the richest man in the world because he sets limits.

Does eBay limit your sales to a niche no…

So why would you limit yourself?


Here’s what’s really important

regardless of what You sell

Always Remember These 3 things 

Thing 1

Sell things that people want

Thing 2

 Sell at a bargain price

Thing 3

Provide time-saving value by giving them an easy simple way to get the products that they want and need.

That’s the same thing Amazon and Walmart does.


So, that’s what I am doing.

Allow me to walk you through how I discovered this.

When I first started selling on eBay in August of 2008.

I didn’t have any money to invest in products, so I sold all the junk around my house that my wife and I didn’t want anymore. I made $932.17.

After that, I begin selling my friends and family stuff online.

I sold;

  • old iPhones

  • Shoes

  • lawn equipment

  • kid’s clothes

  •  home décore

  • I even sold a house for a buddy of mines who purchased a foreclosure that was a total dump

But what I learned was all the stuff I thought would make the most money didn’t

and the stuff that I thought would make the least amount made more than I ever dreamed of…


For example;

I sold a slightly used copper pot for my mother, it sold for over $200.

So, when I purchased my first few shipments.

As a test.

I brought a shipment of 10 used copper pots (the same brand that my mother had).

And 10 iPhones that were also used.

The purchase price for the 10 copper pots were $1000.

The price for the ten 16 gigabyte iPhones was $2300 (Remember this was 2008)

I sold all the copper pots for a grand total of $2,100

That’s a total profit of $1,100.00

I sold all the iPhones for a total of $2,645.52

For a total profit of $345.20

Like magic, I made more money selling the pots than the phones.

The interesting thing was the phones are way more popular and cooler than the pots but the iPhones were much less profitable.

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